Newsletter Nr. 1 // englisch

We’d love to take you an our journey…! 

Dear Friends, we would love to take you with us on our journey! We would really like you to come along with us, because the thought of leaving all our close friends, dear families and our hometown Hamburg behind us, to serve where God leads us is not always an easy one. And if it’s not possible for us to take you along physically, we would at least love to use this newsletter to share our hearts, thoughts and prayers with you.

So, some of you receive this letter because you’re really close friends to us. Others have only met us recently along our journey of finding out where God is leading us and again others might just be interested. For each one of you, were really grateful having you in our lifes and so thankful that you are willing to support us! Thank you for every skype call, contact, encouragement, financial support and all your prayers!

We have also decided to write this letter in English and hope you’ll understand! If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer you if you email us!

What we know and don’t know

So, you probably wanna know what we’re up to, right? Over the last year we have decided – together with God and our leaders – to spend two years abroad. We thought the U.S. would be a great place to learn, for the kids to grow up and for us to live. We’ve written resumes and had send applications to churches when God spoke: „Come to Africa“. We were surprised (and a bit anxious and shocked) but sure that God was speaking and willing to obey and when he speaks there are no other options anymore. Where he leads us he will provide for us, not only financially also for the kids, their health, friends and education. We believe that living out Gods will, does not come without sacrifices but also comes with his abundant blessings!

So let’s start this journey together from here. We know the continent and not much more. We have planned on moving summer next year. At the moment we’re not asking „Where exactly?“ but „What for?“. There is so much to do in Africa: social justice, practical work, discipleship, church planting … And we need to find out what we as a couple would like to do, what God speaks and whom to contact. So would you journey with us? Would you pray with us? We would be so grateful!

Another important note: Please do not talk about this letter and our plans, yet. We will officially announce that we’re leaving the elim church after a new youth leader is found. Until then we ask you to journey with us in silence =)

If you have any advice, input, heard from God or have questions, we’d really love to hear from you! Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated from here on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this

Sarah & Babak

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